Katalin Baracsi

My name is Katalin Baracsi. I’m a lawyer specialized in family law and child rights, an internet security instructor-expert, law enforcement trainer. In 2009 I graduated… more

Erik Fog-Morrissette

My name is Erik Fog-Morrissette, I am 71 years old and I have worked with ICT (mostly on the technical side) from 1978 till I retired by the end of 2015.

Erzsébet Bencsik

My name is Erzsébet Bencsik. I am a retired English teacher.I worked in a state secondary school, mostly with teenagers, but during my teaching career I taught children and adults as well. This… more

Kovács Dezső.jpg

Kovács Dezső PhD.
Retired honorary professor
Main interest: Project and programme drafting and assessment and management, rural development policy, rural tourism, rural heritage,… more

Tálas Eszter.jpeg

I’m a 23 years old Transylvanian girl, who are working and learning at the same time in Cluj-Napoca. I’m studying public relations and advertising on master degree. In my free time I do volunteer… more

Aleandro Sultana.PNG

I am Aleandro Sultana studying Advance Diploma in Computer Systems and Networks. Since i was the youngest participating, at the age of 18 I can say that I have learned a lot. Before participating… more

Immy Micallef.JPG

My name is Immy Micallef, a student from Malta. I am currently following a Diploma in IT at MCAST. The experience at Cluj was one from which I gained a lot of experience. I usually am shy when I… more

Nathan Galea.jpg

The best way to give a brief understanding of who I really am has to be through the activities I do on a daily basis. So, to start of, hi, I'm Nathan Galea a student from Malta and I believe… more

Laura Boglárka Bóka.jpg

My name is Laura Boglárka Bóka and I am Hungarian. I have studied communication and media studies and sociology at the University of Pécs. I live in Cluj-Napoca for two years where I am doing my… more