Laura Boglárka Bóka

My name is Laura Boglárka Bóka and I am Hungarian. I have studied communication and media studies and sociology at the University of Pécs. I live in Cluj-Napoca for two years where I am doing my master studies in sociology at the Babes-Bolyai University. I work as a volunteer in the Hungarian Cultural Society of Transylvania Youth Organisation.

Nathan Galea

The best way to give a brief understanding of who I really am has to be through the activities I do on a daily basis. So, to start of, hi, I'm Nathan Galea a student from Malta and I believe myself to be a techie, bookworm and an enthusiast to basically anything that can be translated into art, in other words, photography, programming, music - more specifically the piano, as I often play it - and anything the entertainment industry has to offer, which translates to films and tv series. In addition to all of that, I also have quite an avid interest in esports.

Immy Micallef

My name is Immy Micallef, a student from Malta. I am currently following a Diploma in IT at MCAST. The experience at Cluj was one from which I gained a lot of experience. I usually am shy when I come to speak for an audience but this project helped me gain confidence. It is impressive how I learned to see things from an elderly person’s perspective. This will obviously help me in the future.

Aleandro Sultana

I am Aleandro Sultana studying Advance Diploma in Computer Systems and Networks. Since i was the youngest participating, at the age of 18 I can say that I have learned a lot. Before participating my character and personality were not ideal for me and others, I felt shy and lack of confidence. With the help of the training done in Cluj-Napoca I managed the overcome those boundaries. I also learned how to understand different perspectives especially when it comes to elderly people.

Eszter Tálas

I’m a 23 years old Transylvanian girl, who are working and learning at the same time in Cluj-Napoca. I’m studying public relations and advertising on master degree. In my free time I do volunteer jobs, teaching elderly people and organizing cultural events.

Dezső Kovács

Kovács Dezső PhD.
Retired honorary professor
Main interest: Project and programme drafting and assessment and management, rural development policy, rural tourism, rural heritage, gender issues, marketing and policy guidelines for beekeeping, active ageing issues, travel.

Erzsébet Bencsik

My name is Erzsébet Bencsik. I am a retired English teacher.I worked in a state secondary school, mostly with teenagers, but during my teaching career I taught children and adults as well. This training was an amazing opportunity and experience of acquiring new methods of teaching and getting acquainted with the importance of active aging.

Katalin Baracsi

My name is Katalin Baracsi. I’m a lawyer specialized in family law and child rights, an internet security instructor-expert, law enforcement trainer. In 2009 I graduated at Law Faculty of the Károli Gáspár Reformed University. In 2014 I graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Pécs, and in 2016 I got a degree in family life.